Having served as Mayor and Councilmember over the past 4 years, 8 years as Chairman and Commissioner of the Planning Commission, 10 years as Chairman and Commissioner of the Traffic & Transportation Commission as well as CEO of my own planning and engineering firm for over 25 years, I have the civic and business experience and executive leadership required to provide effective oversight of how our city is managed.

Families and businesses come to our city because it is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

As your Councilman, I will continue to work to ensure every city decision is made with a concern for protecting our taxpayers, our small business owners and incredible quality of life.

I will utilize my experience and deep knowledge of Laguna Niguel’s rich history to passionately guide our city as it advances to new heights.

The synopsis of my priorities are:

Continue creating a balanced budget

  • In order to keep our city thriving, we need to create a balanced and fair budget. During the past 4 years in the City Council, I have acted responsibly with the tax dollars our community graciously provided so we can keep our neighborhoods safe, our parks clean and fun, with our utilities working at the highest quality possible for the region.
  • As a fiscal conservative and advocate for smaller government, as a City Council, we need to make sure we are spending our money wisely and sparingly.

Ensure our security

  • Public safety has always been my number one priority as it should be the number one responsibility of our local government.
  • Laguna Niguel has quickly grown into a mature community with young families selecting to move in as well. We need to be sure that we can protect the new as well as old residents as our community has expanded.
  • In my professional career, I have worked with many police departments and officers, which has given me an advantage in knowing the everyday struggle and practices of our officers.

Make Laguna Niguel more business friendly

  • With new communities and developments planned for Laguna Niguel, we need to continue to remain attractive towards entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand into our City.
  • Create a safe and easy environment for local businesses to expand and get the best out of our community.
  • As a business owner myself, I know what it takes to successfully produce work and also know which regulations and fees affect our businesses most.

Homelessness resolution in South Orange County

  • There is a community-wide focus on the homeless community in Orange County in general, and South Orange County in particular
  • Per a federal judge’s demand that the 13 South Orange County cities come up with a solution to assist towns in North and Central County with their overburdened facilities, and has threatened to release anti-camping prohibitions should a shelter location not be chosen soon, in cooperation and collaboration with other South Orange County cities, this issue to be resolved

Advocating for the new “Town Center” and working very closely with the County of Orange and the selected development team

  • For the vacant 22-acare parcel of land behind the City Hall, I would like to work very closely with the selected development team to envision:
  • An integrated entertainment, civic, open space, retail, office, wellness and suburban living
  • A world class food hall
  • Pedestrian friendly network

I would be honored to earn your vote for the second time and continue to serve as your Councilman.